Monday, January 27, 2014

Agate Get-Together at Uncle Cheffy

For our annual Christmas get-together, my high school friends and I drove to the Mall of Asia so our friend, who's on duty that day, can still join us for dinner. Since it was a weekend on a Christmas holiday, getting a parking space was a strenuous task and looking for a restaurant with minimal waiting time was even more challenging.

Then it hit me, why not bring them to Uncle Cheffy at Prism Plaza? So instead of waiting in line to get to the building parking, we turned around and parked near Prism, hassle-free. Uncle Cheffy was full that night but we were lucky to get a table right away.

What we ordered

Lovely Jenny Salad (Medium) - Php230.00

Uncle Cheffy's Lovely Jenny Salad was a combination of Green Apple and Arugula Salad with Marinated Salmon in French dressing. It was fresh and light -- the way appetizers should be.

Four Flavors Panizza - Php999.00
Since we were a group of 5 with 2 kids, Pizza on the table is a must. Instead of ordering ala carte, we got the Php999 Brick Oven BBQ and Panizza meal which comes with Four Flavors Panizza, Chicken Maurino and a pitcher of freshly-brewed Oolong Tea.

Chicken Maurino

Surf and Turf - Php880.00

A plateful of Roasted Chicken Leg, Lamb Breast, Beef and Pork Ribs, Creamy Dory, Salmon, Tuna Belly and Garoupa -- it was definitely a hit among the group!

Service was slow that night and the server confused some of our orders with the other customers that the pitcher of Oolong Iced Tea was served last. Nevertheless, we still had a great time because it was never about the food, it's always about the company!


Uncle Cheffy
4F Tower A, Two E-Com Center
Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 478-0584

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