Friday, January 17, 2014

Katsu Cafe

With DB's busy schedule, I was surprised that he spared some time to go to Banawe to look for my mag wheels. *wink*  He sent me some designs to choose from and when I finally saw what I was looking for, I dragged him to go back and had the mags installed to baby E.

While waiting, we walked to the nearby Mandarin Sky for our late lunch only to find out that it was already closed. As we were on our way back to the shop, I saw a familiar logo and remembered all the great reviews I read about Katsu Cafe.

Anybody who steps foot in the cafe will instantly fell in love with its cozy interior and charming ambiance. We were lucky that they don't close during siesta time or we won't have no other choice but to eat in the nearby fast food restaurant.

What we ordered

Pork Katsu Set - Php195.00

DB had the Pork Katsu Set that surprisingly passed his standards! I bet it was really really good for him to give Katsu's version a two-thumbs up and finish everything down to the last piece. We rarely ever go to any Katsu place since we try so hard to avoid fried food with DB being a health buff and all, and I'm just happy that he approved of this one. My Salmon Katsu Set was equally delicious and perfectly cooked as the fish was still soft and not dry.

Salmon Katsu Set - Php345.00

I only have high praises with our dining experience in Katsu Cafe from the mouth-watering food, friendly service and value for money. I just wished they also offer unlimited cabbage salad ala Yabu style and I wouldn't mind driving all the way there whenever I'm craving for my Katsu fix!


Katsu Cafe
86-C Maria Clara St.
Bgy. Sto. Domingo, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (63939) 920-0000

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