Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Tour Around the World: Balesin Village

An unmatched natural beauty with a vast area of 500 hectares, Balesin Island Club is the epitome of grandeur, unique and extravagant lifestyle located off the coast of Polillo, Quezon Province. This exclusive, members-only paradise can only be reached through a private plane offered by the resort at Php7,000 per person for a round trip ticket. Balesin is composed of seven beautiful themed villages namely Balesin, Bali, Phuket, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol and Toscana.

Members and guests are greeted with beautifully-landscaped pools strategically located within the island. The resort had 80% occupancy when we arrived but it never felt crowded and we still enjoyed the privacy like we had the entire place to ourselves.

Balesin Island Club is designed as an eco-island resort that combines luxury and sustainability. Apart from organic farming and utilization of alternative sources of energy, the club harvests rain water and recycles it through reverse osmosis that provides potable water to the entire resort .

All seven villages have individual charm and allure but since we were billeted in Balesin Village, we always end up dining at the resort clubhouse. Succulent food choices, fast and impeccable service and amazing view from our table, so who am I to complain?

Complimentary breads

Crispy Pata

Chicken Binakol

Beef Tapa



Balesin Island Club
Lamon Bay, Polillo
Quezon Province, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 998-9521

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