Thursday, October 23, 2014

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

The food strip along Kapitolyo in Pasig City has been creating a lot of buzz lately with the rise of new restaurants with exciting concepts and homegrown comfort food. The first time I went to the then sleepy residential area, Cafe Juanita is the sole and popular choice of foodies who frequent the neighborhood. But today, you can just drive along Kapitolyo and take your pick to whatever cuisine you fancy, from Japanese to Filipino, Chinese and Korean, lined up from left to right.

Or in Silantro's case, a fusion of Filipino and Mexican.

We passed by Silantro the night before and saw a lot of people waiting outside. I am usually very patient when it comes to queuing, especially if I really like to try the restaurant, but seeing the thickening crowd that night steered us away. The following day, we dropped by again and maybe because I'm wearing my lucky shirt, we were ushered to a table immediately.

What we ordered

Ligero (Lamb) - Php75.00

Their guacamole is so delish!

If you're craving for Taco, Silantro has a number of options you can choose from. Decide whether you want a soft or hard taco then the kind of meat to go with it like beef, lamb, chicken, pork, oxtail, lengua and even fish in single, double or triple variations. The taco was delicious but there's too much sauce dripping from it making it hard and messy to bite.

Silantro's Pork Ribs - Php250.00

While I like my ribs fall-off-the-bones soft, Silantro's Pork Ribs needed a little more push to cut but well worth the effort. The meat was grilled to perfection, not tough to chew but still have resilience when biting off the bones, which they say is the proper way of cooking ribs. The cilantro, as with all their other dishes, gave it a distinct refreshing taste. 

My only complain was that it took more than 40 minutes before this order came out and nobody gave us a heads up on the length of time it will take to cook the ribs, certainly not for people on the go and just dropped by Silantro for a quick meal.

The pork ribs also came with a  bowl of rice that's too buttery for my taste. 

Silantro is the best place for your barkada bondings with its homey ambiance and value for money dishes that will absolutely give a punch to your Mexican food cravings.


Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina
75 East Capitol Drive
Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Philippines 
Tel.: (632) 654-9657

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