Monday, November 10, 2014

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant

After years of searching, I finally found THE ONE.

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant has been making the rounds on social media and food blogs since it opened last year, hailing it as one of the best places for Japanese food in the Metro. Dr. Boy Vasquez converted the house right beside Cafe Juanita, his equally successful Filipino restaurant, to serve only high quality sushi, teppanyaki, ramen, donburi and other Japanese favorites.

While waiting, you can roam around the restaurant and see interesting displays and souvenirs.

Reservation is necessary because the place is always full of patrons. It was just a spur of the moment decision to dine in Haru that evening but we were lucky that some of the seats by the sushi bar are still available. Parking is also very limited so I suggest coming in early.

What we ordered

We were surprised how fast our orders arrived because we're quite used to waiting 15 minutes on average after taking our orders. But in Haru, it just took a little over five minutes!

Shirashi Sushi - Php538.00

Served with a bowl of piping hot Miso Soup, Haru's version of Shirashi Sushi had the freshest and top grade slices of Salmon, Tuna, Mackarel, Uni, Tamago, Ebi and Lapu-Lapu. If you're undecided on which sashimi to order, why not get them all right?

Dynamite Roll - Php259.00

Be prepared to be blown away with Haru's Dynamite Roll. This no-nonsense roll of Spicy Tuna, Salmon and Japanese Cucumber will make your taste buds numb but heighten your senses for more delicious things to come. If you have low tolerance for spicy food, better skip this one.

Uni Donburi - Php270.00

I've never had so much Uni in my entire life until Haru's Uni Donburi. Even before when Banzai still offered the unlimited Uni on weekdays, I usually have 2 to 3 servings per visit only. At first glance, I thought the chef has mastered the art of disguise with the sea of uni covering the rice beneath it. But after scooping a portion with my chopsticks, we were surprised that it was not a trick at all. The fresh Uni was about half an inch thick, no kidding!

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant is definitely a Japanese food lover's dream place. If only I could eat here everyday, then I would be the happiest and luckiest girl on the planet!


Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant
21 West Capitol Drive
Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Philippines 
Tel.: (632) 631-0597

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