Monday, November 17, 2014

The World on my Plate at Dad's World Buffet

Dad's Ultimate Buffet including Saisaki and Kamayan, has been a household name even before Vikings, Yakimix or Buffet 101 came into the picture. With the vision of bringing different cuisines, unique menu and diverse cooking styles from all seven continents in one place, the first of its kind culinary dream called Dad's World Buffet was born.

Now, let me take you to a succulent tour around the world.

Appetizer - Salad, Cold Cuts, Pesto Tuna Bites, Beef Carpaccio, and Mussel Kirkpatrick

Japan (Saisaki) - Sushi, Sashimi, Makimono, Temaki, Tempura, Saisaki Steak, Robatayaki, Sukiyaki, Katsu and Furat, and other authentic Japanese specialties

China - Assorted Dim Sum, Salt and Chili Squid, Beef Broccoli with Oyster Sauce, Sweet and Sour Pork, Pata Tim, Chicken Hot Salad, Steamed Fish Fillet with Oyster Sauce or Garlic and Onion, Fried Noodles with Seafood and Vegetable Toppings, and Yang Chow Fried Rice

Thailand - Poh Pia Tod (Shrimp Egg Wrap - Fried with Sweet and Sour Sauce), Yam Pla Duk Foo (Catfish Salad), Chicken Pandan (Fried Marinated Chicken Fillet Wrapped in Pandan Leaves), Fish Tod Lad Prik (Spicy Sweet Sour Fish Fillet), Seafood Massaman (Seafood Green Curry), Fish Cake (Thai Prawn Cake), Kaeng Karee Ki Haeng (Yellow Chicken Curry), Kang Keaw Wan Thalay (Assorted Seafood with Spicy Green Curry and Coconut Milk), Tom Yam Goong (Spicy and Sour Seafood Soup), and Kao Crook Kapi (Rice Stir-Fried with Shrimp Paste)

Singapore - Hainanese Chicken, Spicy Beef, and Cereal Shrimp

India - Vegetable Samosas, Lamb Kebab, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Masala Machchi 

Malaysia - Lamb Curry, Seekh Kebab, and Sambal Goreng Sotong

America (USA) - Beef Ribs in Honey, Beef with Mushroom Sauce, Salisbury Steak, Buffalo Wings, Cajun Fried Chicken, Texan Pork BBQ Ribs, Clam Chowder, Chicken Fingers, Turkey Tetrazinni, Oysters Rockefeller, Mixed Green Vegetables, and Clam Bake

Mexico - Beef Fajitas, Chicken Fajitas, Nachos, Tacos, Chicken Quesadillas, and Beef Burritos

Spain - Paella, Lengua, Callos, Chicken Pastel, Chicken Relleno, Gambas Al Ajello, Mushroom Ala Plancha, Chorizo Croquettas, Turkey Croquettas, Menudo SulepeƱa, Calamares, Onion Rings, Calamare con Potato Gratin, and Garlic Chicken in Olive oil

Carving Station - US Roast Beef, US Roast Turkey, New Zealand Roast Leg of Lamb, and Dad's Ham

Greece - Beef Souvlaki, Pork Souvlaki, Chicken Souvlaki, and Muossaka

Italy - Pasta, Fish Fillet in Salsa Verde, Lasagna, Mushroom Lasagna, and Baked Scallop Potato

Philippines (Kamayan) - Lechon de Leche, Crispy Pata, Kamayan Pritson, Kare Kare, Kamayan Soup, and other Kamayan regional specialities

Dessert - Fresh Fruits, Rice Cakes, Leche Flan, Halo-Halo, Cakes, Pastries, and Chocolates

Some of the dishes we tried

Oyster Rockefeller

Assortment of Sashimi

Saba (Mackarel)


I must admit that I was overwhelmed with the variety of dishes at Dad's World Buffet that I didn't know where to start! After making two rounds at the buffet spread, I finally picked up a plate and grabbed a few slices of Saba, Tuna, and Salmon Sashimi as my appetizer. Since Japanese is my favorite cuisine, I spent most of my time talking to the chef for his recommendations because I knew that I won't be able to taste everything in one night. His top picks include Sukiyaki and Yakitori, which I gladly devoured and finished to the last bite.


I love that the restaurant has lived up to its name with the wide selection of dishes that will satisfy whatever cuisine you fancy. The staff are also very attentive to their customers, checking if we needed refill with our drinks or if we wanted to try something else from the buffet.

My only, and probably the biggest concern is that the dishes on display were not kept warm during the duration of our dinner either because the air-conditioning was too cold or the food warmers are not efficient enough to keep the dishes at its best form and taste. Such was the case of Kamayan's Cebu Lechon which supposedly, has the crispiest skin there is available.


Dad's World Buffet (including Saisaki and Kamayan)
Special promo price - Valid until further notice
  • Monday-Friday Lunch Php688
  • Monday-Friday Dinner price Php788 (reg. price Php888)
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Lunch & Dinner price Php838 (reg. price Php888)


Dad's World Buffet
523 Merchant Bldg., Faura corner Adriatico Sts.
Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines 
Tel.: (632) 528-1723

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