Monday, March 30, 2015

Lotte World Adventure, Seoul SK

I love Lotte chocolates. From Pepero to Ghana, Almond Balls, Crunky and Choco Pie, I've never tried so much sweet food variations of a brand as much as I do with Lotte. In fact, whenever I visit a Korean or Japanese store and see something new, I never hesitate on trying it out because I know that as long as it is from Lotte, it must be delicious. And up to this day, I haven't bought anything that I didn't like just yet. Everything's consistently addicting!

Lotte Co. Ltd., is a multinational corporation headquartered in South Korea and Japan with over 60 diverse business units from food production, shopping malls, entertainment, housing and finance, amusement parks, hotels, trade, information technology and construction. No wonder that wherever I look in Seoul, there's always a Lotte sign and logo in sight.

For my recent trip to Korea, I made it a point to include a tour of Lotte World in our itinerary. Dubbed as one of the biggest indoor theme parks in the world, it was the perfect venue for a day of fun and rides as temperature dropped to 8 degrees and an outdoor park like Everland is non-negotiable. Besides, why look somewhere else when this all-weather theme park houses a skating rink, exciting rides for kids and adults alike, a folk museum, souvenir shops and a lake.

Lotte World is divided into two themes -- Adventure (indoors) and Magic Island (outdoors). It was a good decision to go on a weekday as most rides have minimal to no queue at all. Among the popular rides you can find in the indoor theme are: Lotty's Hot Air Balloon, Camelot Carousel, The Conquistador (like Enchanted Kingdom's Anchor's Away), French Revolution (roller coaster), Dynamic Theater, Pharaoh's Fury and World Monorail that will take you around Lotte World.

The daily parade (every 230pm and 7pm) is one of the star attractions in Lotte World. In fact, people rush to the designated areas as early as 30 minutes prior to patiently wait for the parade. It was very entertaining with live performances of characters singing to the tune LW's theme song.

Magic Island, Lotte World's outdoor theme park, is situated next to Seokchonhosu Lake where you can take leisurely walks or go on a romantic cruise with your significant other if you like the cold weather. Since we only had limited time to spare before dinner with our Korean friends, we just walked around, take photos and chose a ride to try for some adrenaline rush.

I wanted to try any of the Gyro rides (Spin, Drop or Swing) but my friends wanted something less adventurous so we went for the Swing Tree where we sat on a leaf chair that spins at 50km/hr!

For lunch, we chose Arirang Cafeteria for its rice meals since we only had bread for breakfast. The menu was mostly Korean food served fast food style where you pay in the counter and wait until the device vibrates so you can pick up your order from the open kitchen.

Bibimbap with Beef Burger

Beef Bulgogi

Admission Fees

Day Pass (includes free admission on all rides and museum)
  • Adult - KRW46, 000 (Php1, 865)
  • Youth - KRW40, 000 (Php1, 620)
  • Children - KRW36, 000 (Php1, 460)
  • Infant - KRW12, 000 (Php490)

Day Pass After 4PM (includes free admission on all rides and museum)
  • Adult - KRW37, 000 (Php1, 500)
  • Youth - KRW32, 000 (Php1, 300)
  • Children - KRW28, 000 (Php1, 135)
  • Infant - KRW12, 000 (Php490)

Entrance Only
  • Adult - KRW31, 000 (Php1, 250)
  • Youth - KRW28, 000 (Php1, 135)
  • Children - KRW25, 000 (Php1, 000)

Entrance Only After 4PM
  • Adult - KRW26, 000 (Php1, 050)
  • Youth - KRW23, 000 (Php940)
  • Children - KRW20, 000 (Php820)

Entrance Only After 7PM
  • Adult - KRW17, 000 (Php690)
  • Youth - KRW15, 000 (Php600)
  • Children - KRW13, 000 (Php520)

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