Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kandaya Resort: Kusina Restaurant & Bar

It has always been a dilemma for me on where to dine whenever CS and I go on vacation and stay in a boutique hotel or resort in an isolated location. That was exactly what my friends and I were faced with when went on a short vacation in Kandaya Resort.

Kusina Restaurant & Bar, which offers a stunning view of the ocean, is the only dining spot in the resort so guests really have no other option if you're craving for a different cuisine aside from a limited variety of Asian and Western food. We were only staying for a weekend but for guests staying for a minimum of 2 nights, I believe you'd be able to try everything off the menu.

We left Mandarin Plaza Hotel after breakfast and didn't bother stopping halfway to the resort for lunch. So imagine arriving at Kandaya just before 2PM and had to wait another 40 minutes before our orders started arriving one by one. I understand that it was already beyond lunch time but service was really slow, not only during that instance but throughout our stay.
Price range of our orders were between Php300 to Php500 per order but good enough for sharing.

What we ordered

Chicken Adobo

Lechon Kawali

Seafood Sinigang

Complimentary breakfast had a limited but well thought out selection of classic Pinoy favorites.


Cheese and Dried Fruits

Cold Cuts

Smoked Salmon

Homemade Banana Jam

Homemade Grape Jam

Pan Au Chocolat

Pork Tocino and Bacon

Corned Beef and Meatloaf

Dried Fish and Daing na Bangus

Pork and Chicken Sausage


Fresh Fruit Juice

My breakfast plate

What stood out for me was the Smoked Salmon and Daing na Bangus, which was best enjoyed with piping hot rice. As we were in Cebu, I was expecting to see Danggit on the buffet table but unfortunately, they were not serving it that day. From what I understand, they do change the menu everyday for the sake of the guests staying for more than a night.

Smoked Salmon with Capers

Daing na Bangus

While I like my eggs cooked Sunny Side Up, Eggs Benedict is still my top choice so I approached the staff at the open kitchen to ask if they can prepare one for me. He obviously was not sure but I appreciated him asking the head chef if they can accommodate my request and luckily, the chef approved! Not only did he prepared an Eggs Benedict, he added Salmon in it too.

Salmon Eggs Benedict


Kandaya Resort
Agujo, Daanbantayan
Cebu, Philippines
Tel.: (6332) 260-6006

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