Monday, September 19, 2016

Naughty and Nice at Ebeneezers BGC

No, its not THE Ebeneezer's Kebabs and Pizzeria in Hongkong.

I thought I hit the jackpot upon seeing the signage from across the road so I dragged CS in an instant for us to finally try the famous Ebeneezer's Kebabs from Hongkong. I excitedly asked the lady at the counter about it but she politely corrected me that it was not a franchise, just the same name. But what kept us from racing out of the door is her claim that it was established by the same person who conceptualized the famous Hongkong brand so we thought it was worth the try.

Ebeneezers sits on the building beside Shangri-La at The Fort and has 2 floors, the kitchen + salad bar + counter with several tables and chairs on the first while the second level is the bar also known as the Naughty Room, or if you're early, it can also serve as the dining area.

I was grumpy the whole time we were in Ebeneezers because there were naughty mosquitoes everywhere! Not even Deadpool being shown on the television by the bar could cheer me up.

What we ordered

Ebeneezer's Green Mind (Large) - Php275.00

The road to a healthy lifestyle always starts with a bowl of salad. Ebeneezers' Green Mind was a combination of assorted vegetables in special sauce. I was utterly disappointed that the colorful mix did not equate to an interesting stir of flavors because it was the weirdest combination I have ever tasted - just a step closer to being inedible! If you must, don't make the same mistake of letting them put all the ingredients and just request for the basic ones that you will like.

Organic Chicken Marinated in Yogurt Shawarma - Php198.00

Marinated and grilled with love, all shawarmas are wrapped in Ebeneezers' homemade pita breads. While the salad's mixed up flavor kookoo upset my palate, the shawarmas we tried were all party party in the tummy! Both our orders were reasonably priced, savory and delectable.

My Breakfast Shawarma was a complete meal on its own with tender Angus beef tapa, garlic rice and scrambled egg while CS' Organic Chicken Shawarma was a delicious wrap featuring generous strips of delicious chicken marinate in yogurt and turmeric.

Breakfast Shawarma - Php198.00

When in Ebeneezers, just remember to stick to the sharawmas and you'll be fine.


G/F Net Quad Building
4th Street corner 30th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 865-6657

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