Monday, September 5, 2016

S Maison Food Guide: Chibo Okonomiyaki

Back in July, we chanced upon a fairly new restaurant in S Maison called Chibo Okonomiyaki as we were waiting for our table at Uma Uma Ramen. We already set our minds on having ramen for dinner so we just vowed to come back within the week.

Osaka's most popular okonomiyaki chain, Chibo was established in 1973 in Sennichimae, a district known for its numerous gourmet eateries. The teppanyaki-style Japanese savory pancake was actually conceptualized by a Japanese general named Hideyoshi Toyotomi who was also in charged of building Osaka Castle. Since then, Chibo now has over 60 stores across Japan and overseas.

I've been to Osaka, Japan in June 2014 and its a shame that I have not tried Chibo or any okonomiyaki during the trip due to our very hectic schedule so I can't really compare the taste between Osaka's and the restaurant franchise located in Conrad Manila.

What we ordered

Trust me, you won't sound crazy telling that you'd want to order everything on the menu. 

Tuna and Avocado Teppan - Php230.00

A match made in heaven!

Fresh sliced tuna and avocado in Chibo's special sauce was the perfect appetizer while we wait for our mains. It was as delicious as it looks, you'd never want to share it with anyone.

Mix Vegetable Yakisoba - Php280.00

You can have as much Katsuobushi shavings, more commonly known as Bonito flakes, on your dishes with a container full of it on each table. I remember the first time I saw it and was amazed with the dancing flakes on top of my okonomoyaki, such a fun sight to look at!

As with most Japanese food, not only was it a feast for the tummy but a delightful treat for the eyes as well. The lovely server made sure that we got enough photos as she delicately placed the precooked vegetable yakisoba on the teppanyaki stove top.

Chibo offers only one size of okonomiyaki good for 1 to 2 persons. CS and I opted to order 2 types so we can try as much food as we can. Just like the yakisoba, all okonomiyaki were precooked but Chibo makes certain that there's enough room for a little show on the table.

Butatama Okonomiyaki - Php190.00

Osaka's classic okonomiyaki with pork, Butatama was the best starter for our Chibo Okonomiyaki experience. It may be the simplest okonomiyaki on the menu but it surely brings loads of flavors on each bite. Besides, Chibo only uses premium ingredients so you're guaranteed of the best and delicious Japanese savory pancakes whatever you wish to order.

Doutonburi Okonomiyaki - Php230.00

The moment I read what Doutonburi was made of, I knew my order right away! An okonomiyaki with generous servings of beef, shrimp, cheese and pork, it was a combination of everything I love in a pancake. The cheese surely elevated this dish to, if not, the best okonomiyaki I have ever tasted! A definite must-try if you're planning to visit Chibo soon.

We loved Chibo the first time and we loved it even more the 2nd and 3rd time! No more photos of our succeeding visits because I knew CS wanted to dig in straightaway. But trust me, any type of okonomiyaki you may wish to try in Chibo will surely exceed your expectations.


Chibo Okonomiyaki
2/F S Maison (below Conrad Manila)
Seaside Blvd. corner Coral Way
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 898-3333

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