Monday, July 11, 2016

S Maison Food Guide: Uma Uma Ramen

With the establishment of Conrad Manila's S Maison, people from the South can expect a lot of restaurant franchises, new and exciting food concepts and high-end retail brands that will make its way to this side of the metro. While the Mall of Asia has its fair share of known restaurants, it tends to get too crowded especially on weekends and somewhat boring after so many visits.

One of the few restaurants that now operate in S Maison is Uma Uma Ramen, a popular franchise from Fukuoka, Japan with more than 60 years of ascendancy in the ramen business.

The restaurant was full when we arrived but the staff immediately offered us seats while we wait. Uma Uma's dishes are cooked with no MSG and vows to deliver only the freshest ingredients and no preservatives added. While it may easily imply that we would have to wait longer, we really wouldn't mind as long as they carry out the promise. Besides, its entertaining to watch the staff, including the Japanese crew who flew to Manila, do their magic at the restaurant's open kitchen.

What we ordered

Uma Uma Ramen - Php360.00

CS wanted to try their best-selling Uma Uma Ramen, a comforting bowl of hand-pulled noodles, Ajitsuke Tamago (soft boiled egg), chasiu, black fungus and leeks in slowly cooked Tonkotsu broth. The creamy and savoury soup is best enjoyed more now that the rainy season has arrived.

Mentaiko Dashi Maki Tamago - Php180.00

While I love the generous servings of Mentaiko, it made the Tamago way too salty that even the wonders of delicious Japanese mayo couldn't save it. Will pass on this next time.

Mazesoba with Extra Chasiu - Php390.00

Dry noodles is and will always be my downfall. When I read Mazesoba's description, I knew right away that it will be my staple order whenever we go to Uma Uma. A bit heavy on the chili, it was a delectable combination of chewy noodles, charred chasiu, bamboo shoots, grilled pork, leeks, sesame seeds and Ajitsuke Tamago. Just toss everything up until the yolk has evenly seasoned all the ingredients because the messier it looks, the more delicious it will become.

Up next: Chibo Okonomiyaki, Osaka's famous okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) chain


Uma Uma Ramen
2/F S Maison (below Conrad Manila)
Seaside Blvd. corner Coral Way
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 800-7663

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