Monday, July 4, 2016

Kalui: An All Time Palawan Favorite

Anyone who has been to Palawan, whether a tourist or a local coming home to their beloved town, could agree that Kalui is the best restaurant in Puerto Princesa. In fact, its so popular that it is becoming a tourist spot on its own that most tour packages now include dining at Kalui in the itinerary. Reservation is a must because it is always full especially on weekends.

Your shoes and slippers must be left at the entrance. Kalui provides a basket or a locker where you and your group can keep your footwear to avoid being mixed up with others.

As most chairs were already taken at the reception area, we requested to get inside and wait at the art gallery located near the toilets at the back. These pieces of art are for sale by the way.

When our reserved table became available, the staff ushered us to our assigned seats. There are tables with chairs and tables where you sit on the floor so be specific if you have a preference as the latter tends to be uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. Since majority of the group were first timers, we decided to get the Kalui Special of the Day Set (Php395.00), good for sharing, and a few side orders so they can try all of the restaurant's bestsellers.

Tubbataha Salad - Php180.00

A delicious mix of tuna sashimi, seaweeds and fresh fruits in season. This is heaven in a bowl!

Grape Seaweed (Lato) Salad

Included in the Kalui Special of the Day Set are servings of fish steak, prawns, veggies, spicy squid, rice and starters. Lato has a strong salty flavor so adding other ingredients to this salad could make a whole lot of difference. Good thing we ordered Tubbataha Salad for a better alternative.

Banana and Vegetable Fritter

Everyone's favorite was the Banana Fritters (Maruya), wiped out in 60 seconds.

Fish Roll in Coconut Cream

The fish roll was basically grilled fish wrapped around the vegetable tempura and pork mince. The coconut sauce was creamy with just a hint of spicy. I loved the presentation but we were already full when this arrived so a plateful of serving was left untouched on the table.


I still prefer grilled prawns but this was as fresh as it can get, if only they tone down on the butter.

Fish Steak

Now this fish steak was the best part of the set. Grilled to perfection, it was tasty and lightly smothered with sweet sauce, I could eat the entire thing by myself!

Fresh Fruits with Muscovado Sugar

Everything is cooked by order so bring loads of patience, inform your companions that waiting is to be expected and eat snacks first if you must. There's also no air-conditioning in the restaurant so wear light clothing and preferably pants to protect you from mosquito bites. But above all, come with an empty stomach and be prepared to be blown away by all the simple yet delicious food that you can try in Kalui because once you've tried it, you'll be hooked for life!

Palawan Revisited: Kalui Restaurant (2013)
Palawan Food Trip: Kalui Restaurant (2012)


Kalui Restaurant
369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City
Palawan, Philippines
Tel.: (6348) 433-2580

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