Monday, July 18, 2016

On a High with Blue Rocket Cafe

I had initial qualms about Blue Rocket Cafe thinking its just another restaurant in the overly populated pool of dining options in Quezon City. But since the restaurant is a mere 5-minute drive from The Cocoon Boutique Hotel where we were staying for a night, it was a convenient and agreeable option for us to take. There was a sign at the door that Blue Rocket was closed for a private function, good thing we arrived just in time for its re-opening that night.

Then one by one, the tables got occupied and by the time our orders arrived, the restaurant was already full. A sign that Blue Rocket is a popular dining spot not only for couples like us but for families having dinner or friends hanging out on a Saturday night.

Interiors is spacious and homey with interesting pieces and signs that make a great conversation piece or a trip down memory lane. I also love the lighting that makes the photos more appetizing.

What we ordered

Blue Rocket Salad - Php175.00

My family and long time friends would be totally surprised because the day has finally come when I can say that, "I love the salad here!". You see, I loathe vegetables when I was younger to the point that I became an expert separating the meat from the vegetables no matter what dish it may be, even if the sauce is color black. But with CS' good intentions, he made me realize that vegetables are indeed any girl-on-a-diet's bestfriend. Blue Rocket's signature salad was a refreshing combination of romaine lettuce, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, sun-dried tomato and parmesan cheese in lemon vinaigrette. You can also request some grilled chicken on top for an additional charge of Php50.00. The lettuce was fresh and crunchy and the dressing was delicious! We forgot to ask if it was for sale because we would love to buy a bottle or two.

Spicy Tuna Sandwich - Php165.00

We loved our orders but my least favorite was the Spicy Tuna Sandwich which was obviously from the can. I regret choosing this over the burger thinking it was a better and healthier option. 

Pumpkin Pasta with Smoked Salmon - Php220.00

Another revelation was the Pumpkin Pasta with Smoked Salmon and grilled panini bread on the side. The pasta was firm and the pumpkin sauce was creamy, a real comfort food for pasta lovers. I liked it a lot but halfway through the dish, I had to stop because the umay factor was overwhelming. More salmon should do the trick to boost the saltiness and balance the flavors.

Pan Seared Mango Teriyaki Parrot Fish - Php275.00

I got excited seeing a parrot fish dish on the menu because CS won't stop raving about the soft and delicate texture of its meat. This was the last order to arrive but hey, they might be saving the best for last right? The serving was filling with 2 large grilled parrot fish fillet to go with a cup of rice and a side dish of salad. It was soft as advertised but noticeably overcooked, giving the fish a bitter flavor which buried its freshness and ruined the mango teriyaki dressing it was covered with.

I love that the prices are affordable enough that you won't have to limit yourself to order just one dish if you wanted to try more, but not too cheap either to ensure that the quality of the dishes does not suffer. The service may be slow on the night we dined in but its one thing I am willing to compromise as long as Blue Rocket continues to deliver. Excited to try more dishes soon!


Blue Rocket Cafe
79 Scout Lozano corner Scout Reyes
Paligsahan, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (63917) 837-6308

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