Saturday, July 9, 2016

Unlimited Kani Salad at Bento & Co.

We tell each other almost everything and we make sure that we try new things together. So when CS told me of this bento place he came across, we scheduled our lunch there right away. Tucked in the quieter neighborhood of Quezon City, I was surprised seeing it full of customers when we arrived. I guess the secret is out, Bento & Co. offers unlimited rice and kani salad!

What we ordered

Saba Sashimi - Php200.00

Despite having prior knowledge that they do not specialize in sushi and sashimi, we just couldn't resist ordering our favorite Saba Sashimi. It was obviously store brought but we couldn't have chosen a better appetizer than this with the restaurant's rather limited menu.

Now the ultimate reason why we really came here is for their bento boxes.

Tuna Terikayi Bento Box - Php180.00

All bento boxes comes with your choice of ulam and single servings of kani salad, rice and dessert, priced only between Php150.00 to Php250.00. Customers can personalize their bento boxes by choosing the main ingredient (whether chicken, pork, beef, tuna or salmon) and how they prefer it to be cooked (teriyaki, teppanyaki or tempura).

From the basic bento, you can opt to upgrade it with the following unlimited add ons:
  • Rice, salad and dessert - Php100.00
  • Fried rice, salad and dessert - Php120.00
  • Rice, salad, appetizer and dessert - Php140.00
  • Fried rice, salad, appetizer and dessert - Php160.00

Chicken Teppanyaki Bento Box - Php150.00

The tuna teriyaki was delicious and seasoned right while the chicken teppanyaki came out too salty. Since there was only a Php30.00 difference, I suggest sticking with the tuna teppanyaki so you can enjoy your bento down to the last piece. The kani salad was a simple combination of cucumber, Japanese mayo and crab sticks, nothing special but worth the Php100.00 upgrade if you like the popular Japanese salad, not to mention the unlimited rice and dessert included in the add on.

So if you're looking for a filling and affordable Japanese bento goodness, Bento & Co. is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings that your tummy and pocket will definitely thank you for.


Bento & Co.
Scout Lozano cor. Mo. Ignacia & Scout Magbanua
Brgy. Paligshan, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 410-1606

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