Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sinsun Korean Buffet Restaurant

While Quezon City is a hub for all things intriguing and delicious, there are times when a girl just wants some peace and quiet with everything she desires laid on the table. So on one of our lazy nights, CS and I headed to Sinsun Korean Restaurant in Tomas Morato for an early feast. Dinner buffet is Php550.00 per person while lunch is a bit cheaper at Php500.00 person.

Early meant that we arrived just as the staff was still preparing the dishes on the buffet table. While the restaurant is open 24 hours, they only bring the dishes out on peak hours. Otherwise, customers availing the buffet can order as much food from the hardbound ala carte menu.

Lettuce, Garlic, Sliced Cucumber, Korean Green Chili and Special Sauces

Samgyupsal and Sukiyaki

Various types of Bulgogi

So Bulgogi (Marinated beef barbecue)

Samgyupsal (Sliced pork belly)

We loved the Bulgogi and Sukiyaki the most. The Bulgogi was bursting with flavors, no need to dip it in their special sauce, while the Sukiyaki was sliced thin so its faster to cook and easier to eat!

Sukiyaki (Sliced beef sirloin)

Red Iced Tea

You can order from Sinsun's wide variety of side dishes and as many servings as you can eat.

Spicy Cucumber

Lettuce with Sesame Seeds

Jang Jorim

Spicy Fish Cake

I kept on asking for refills of the fish cake to the point that the staff already placed a huge bowl on the buffet table. I'm looking for a store that retails ready to eat fish cake, any recommendations?

Korean Fried Chicken

Customers can also choose other ala carte dishes like this Korean Fried Chicken. The skin was crispy with soy garlic taste while the meat was tender and juicy. Just be warned that one order has 4 huge pieces so if you're already full, better specify to the waiter how many pieces you think you can consume. Though Sinsun does not charge for leftovers, its still not right that too much delicious food would just go to waste. For dessert, each guest is allowed 1 free Melona ice cream.

Melona Ice Cream

I've been to several Korean restaurants around Metro Manila but Sinsun's staff is probably the most attentive people I have ever met. They know exactly when to approach you to ask if you need a refill of your drinks or if you need another set of lettuce to go with your meats. The place has been around for years but they were able to maintain the restaurant well, same goes for the quality of food as CS claims. Its not easy to keep a restaurant but its even harder to keep it running for so long. I just hope that Sinsun Korean Restaurant would stay operational for many years to come!


Sinsun Korean Restaurant
116 Scout Lozano cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 962-8282

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