Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Eat Fresh Hongkong Famous Street Food

He had me at curry fish balls.

When CS told me of a place in Little Baguio that specializes in Hongkong street food, he knew that I wouldn't miss it for the world so I dragged him all the way to Greenhills that same afternoon. Traffic was horrible but it didn't dampen my spirit even a bit because I was too excited to eat some of my favorite street food while reminiscing about our previous Hongkong trips.

The place was surprisingly packed on a rainy afternoon. The tables in the middle was the least favored seats as it directly in front of the floor-standing aircon and there's no way you can enjoy your glass of iced Nai Cha or fresh fruit shakes if you're already freezing.

What we ordered

Yakitori - Php120.00 (2 sticks)

Anything with golden mushrooms in it and I'm sold! The staff just need to perfect their grilling method so they won't have unattractive and burnt Yakitori. Plus points to the delicious sweet sauce it was served with, helped mask the bitterness from the charred parts.

Fish Balls - Php28.00/stick & Squid Balls - Php38.00/stick

Ordering fish and squid balls may seem like a crazy idea to order in a restaurant but this is Hongkong fish balls we are talking about! This popular street food is the best and easiest thing to grab in HK if you're in a hurry and already starving. A must order in Eat Fresh, the balls are cooked in curry sauce but you can also have them fried if you're not a fan of the versatile Indian spice.

Goto - Php28.00/stick

Fish Tofu - Php38.00/stick

Chicken with Mushroom - Php145.00

Seeing the tables beside us with so much food left us even hungrier so CS and I ordered clay pot rice meals for both of us. He wanted a healthy meal so he had the Chicken with Mushroom with very bland tasting chicken while I had the 2 Kinds Sausage with Mushroom meal. Hello cheat day!

Two Kinds Sausage with Mushroom - Php185.00

My favorite Chinese and duck liver sausage in a pot, it was only necessary that I finish everything by myself, something I usually refrain from doing lately. But it was a delightful mix of sweet, salty and savory flavors and there's no perfect way to eat this except with hot steaming rice.

Everything is cheap and yummy, Eat Fresh is now my go-to place for all my HK street food cravings!


Eat Fresh Hongkong Famous Street Food
691 Jose Abad Santos St.
Little Baguio, San Juan City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 234-9059

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