Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thumbs Down for Brasserie on 3, Conrad Manila

Read our Conrad experience here.

Guests staying at the executive floors have the option to eat breakfast at the exclusive lounge on 7th floor or at Brasserie on 3, an all-day dining venue, alongside all other hotel guests and walk-in customers of Conrad Manila. While both places offer buffet breakfast, CS and I decided to check out Brasserie for more options and hopefully, a better breakfast selection.

Just an hour after it opened, Brasserie on 3 was already full of guests, myself included, excited to taste what Conrad Manila has in store for the first meal of the day. We waited for about 5 minutes before we were ushered to our table near the salad station. Selection was decent with some exciting offerings like the detox drinks corner and the make-your-own yogurt section.

Assorted bread and pastries

Waffles and pancakes

More breads

Variety of cereals

Salad section

Dimsum station

Selection of homemade jams

Hot breakfast meals

I was thrilled when I saw that poached free-range eggs were offered along with a small variety of hot meals placed on the table by the open kitchen. I ordered one for myself and told the staff our table number so they can deliver it to us once cooked. Ten minutes has passed and still no poached eggs in sight, I asked the staff to follow up on my order and the only reply I got was that they already received a lot of orders. No time frame, no apologies whatsoever.

Yogurt shop

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruit juices and other healthy drinks

On the table

Ham and salami

Caprese salad

The only remarkable dish we had on Brasserie on 3 was this Caprese salad. Too bad some people just get the grilled mozzarella on top and leave the tomato on the serving plate.

My breakfast plate

They only have one female staff manning the waffle and pancake station so be patient when she mixes up your orders. When I went back to get my waffle, what was left of my order was the 1/4 slice she kept in the oven because they already ran out of the pancake mix and is no longer accepting new orders. This was just halfway thru breakfast so I can imagine how many hangry customers came to her that she had to cut my order into 4 slices to distribute to the other diners.

Waffle + honey

When I asked the staff the third time on my poached egg order and still got no clear response, that's when I lost my patience and asked CS if we can finish our breakfast at the executive lounge. Its one thing to endure the restaurant's slow service but when we got ignored multiple times whenever we follow up our requests, its a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen especially if you have guests who pay premium to book a room in Manila's newest 5-star hotel. As with the accommodation in Conrad Manila, I wouldn't mind paying more if it means that the service is at par with the high quality standard Hilton Hotels and Resorts is striving for. Hoping that management can reiterate and retrain the staff on good customer service because a hotel's excellent location can only take you so far with first time clients but its the returning customers and their recommendations that make a successful business running for a long time.


Conrad Manila
Seaside Blvd., Coral Way
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 833-9999

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