Friday, September 7, 2012

Palawan Food Trip: Kalui Restaurant

"I would go to Puerto Princesa City just to dine at Kalui Restaurant."

When I said Badjao Seafront Restaurant is one of the more famous restaurants in Puerto Princesa, Kalui Restaurant is probably the best there is in the city!

Dinner is by reservation only and they don't accept walk-in customers during dinner time.

Kalui reminds me of Cafe Juanita in Pasig with its cozy and homey ambiance, romantic setting and organized clutter. The tables differ from one portion to another, this side has a more formal setting while others have sofa and Japanese-style dining with no chairs.

You have to take off your shoes/slippers because footwear is not allowed inside. Just look how clean and shiny the floor is!

The place is huge! I walked about 2 minutes going to the restroom. Well, getting lost included.

There's a mini gallery near the counter with paintings of local artists available for sale.

We were seated in the couple's corner near the entrance. Everywhere you look is picture-worthy!

On the table

Pineapple Shake - Php70.00

Papaya Shake - Php70.00

Tubbataha Salad - Php180.00

One of the bestsellers here is the Tubbataha Salad which is a bowl of Fresh Tuna, Bites of Fruits in Season with Palawan Dressing. A unique and refreshing appetizer!

Another must-order is the Sizzling Seafood Sisig with shrimps and squids. I like that its dry and not oily. Definitely no umay factor.

Sizzling Seafood Sisig - Php170.00

We also ordered the Kalui Special of the Day Set (Php435.00 for two) that comes with Fish Steak, Prawns, Veggies of the Day, Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce, Rice and Starters.


Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce

Fish Steak


Steamed Vegetables

This is by far the best meal I have ever had in my entire life! Everything I put on my mouth is bursting with flavors and freshness. I am really lost for words of how great this experience is! So if you have the chance to go to Puerto Princesa, don't forget to add Kalui Restaurant to your itinerary and I promise you that you would never regret it.

We didn't have to order dessert because they offer complimentary fruits served with muscovado sugar in a coconut shell.

After getting the bill, we walked to the mini garden and took some photos for souvenir.

We went back to the restaurant after a few minutes and the place was full once again. The second batch of diners have already arrived so we decided to leave the place.

Good bye friends, see you again next time!


Kalui Restaurant
369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City
Palawan, Philippines
Tel.: (6348) 433-2580

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  1. wow!! this place is magnificent!!! i want to go here since we're having our palawan trip.. i'm zooo excited!! thanks for the info!! nice pictures too!!! :)) keep it up!


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