Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gloria's Fantasyland in Dapitan

When I was told that the package we paid for includes a ride-all-you-can ticket at Gloria's Fantasyland, my friends and I had second thoughts of using it since we were tired already and just wanted to stay in for the night instead of going to a perya (or so we thought). But the staff at Dakak insisted that we give it a try and so we found ourselves at the lobby to wait for our ride to Fantasyland.

The trip from the resort is less than an hour but enough time for me to recharge my energy for a night of adventure and more walking.

Gloria's Fantasyland is named as such in honor of former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The pride of Mindanao is owned by the Jalosjos Family along with Dakak Park & Beach Resort and it currently sits in a 3-hectare land near the famous Sunset Boulevard.

Gloria's Fantasyland is nowhere near your typical carnival in the province but more on the Enchanted Kingdom level of theme parks with more than 30 rides operating from 5pm to 12 midnight from Monday to Thursday and extends up to 1am during the weekends.

Some of the rides include Old Western Train, Midi Flume Ride, Mini Coaster Ride, Flying Balls Wheel Ride, Tea Cups Ride, Wonder Flight, Telecombat Ride, Bumper Cars, Roller Coaster, Apollo Ride, Swinger Ride, Pirate Ship, Happy Journey Ride, Fight Shark Ride, Horror Ride and Go Kart.

Swinger Ride

Bull Ride


Ferris Wheel

Mini Coaster Ride

5D Cinema

Giant Roller Coaster

Horror House

Flying Balls Wheel Ride

Jumping Bed

But the highlight of the night is Fantasyland's world-class show which starts at 8pm and runs for an hour. It stars local dancers -- some as young as 7 years old (I think), who are really good! The performance was breathtaking with all the lifting and air dancing!

While everyone have their eyes fixed on the stage, my friends and I can't help but stare at these guys who make the air dancing possible and totally safe. It's like they have their own dance routine on the side of the stage as well.

The group taking a bow after the amazing performance. Hope someone can bring them to Manila for more people to see. Paging Resorts World!

The ZamboangeƱos are lucky to have a first-rate theme park in their province and I'm glad that I got the chance to experience it for myself.

For all of you who wants to visit Gloria's Fantasyland, you may refer to the rates below:

Ride-All-You-Can - Php500.00
Entrance Only - Php200.00
Go Kart - Php100.00
5D Cinema - Php100.00
Horror House - Php100.00


Fantasyland sa Dapitan
Sunset Blvd., Dapitan City
Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
Tel.: (6365) 906-0054

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  1. without a doubt ..the most fun filled theme park in pillines !! for family fun or just u and ur diay....5 star recomended !!must get back there asap !! the people whom work there put in such an effort in the theatrical shows and even the horror house !!..and oh !!my favourit ..the 5D cinema !! if u do one thing this holiday !!make it fantasy land !!


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