Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chef Tony's Popcorn: My Tub of Happiness

or should I say tubs?

DB recently introduced me to two new flavors of Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn. I usually buy the Original flavor but he insisted that I should try these two especially the Dark Chocolate flavor since he knows that I love the bittersweet taste of it.

Country Cheddar

My parents approved! Its salty and sweet at the same time so no wonder they can't get enough of this from the moment I gave them a tub the night I got home. I woke up the following day and it's all gone!

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate flavored anything is my weakness! Chef Tony's is hands down the most delicious popcorn available on the planet.

Chef Tony's Popcorn lasts for months especially the sealed ones. Since the Holiday Season is fast approaching, I'm planning to stock up on my favorite flavors before they fly off the shelves soon. I'm thinking these make great gifts for family and friends who have sweet tooth!

Ooops! Did I just shared my plans?! Me and my big mouth. Tsk tsk..


  1. I also love Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn http://sasaramosyap.blogspot.com/2012/11/chef-tonys-gourmet-popcorn-at-market.html


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