Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mann Hann Restaurant

Another working lunch at the Mall of Asia.

My colleagues and I decided to dine at Mann Hann Restaurant since we were all craving for some Chinese fares that day.

There was a short line when we arrived so while waiting, we checked out the menu and ordered in advance. Too bad our favorite Spicy Squid was unavailable that time.

On the table

Hakaw - Php95.00

Hakaw is A's favorite so ordering one is a must. I like my Hakaw with pure shrimp inside and no extenders which is quite the opposite of this version.

Yang Chow Fried Rice - Php250.00

I usually go for plain rice but I'm glad my friends ordered this. It was bursting with flavors and not oily as well.

Tausi Clams - Php275.00

I really never bothered ordering this before today because as a kid, my cousins and I would dig into the sand and gather clams to play with whenever we go to the beach so eating these is quite weird for me. My friends made me try it and it was so good! A bit spicy on the side but nothing a sip of cold Iced Tea can't remedy.

Salt and Pepper Spareribs - Php250.00

Now this is my favorite! It was crunchy and not too fatty. Best eaten while its still hot and dipped with spicy vinegar.

Beef Broccoli Flower - Php260.00

We wanted to order a vegetable dish but they don't have Polonchay that day so we settled with this Beef Broccoli Flower. The beef was very tender and I like that it had lots of mushrooms too!

Mann Hann is one of those restaurants where you can never go wrong whatever you order. All the dishes I've tried so far were delicious and reasonably priced.


Mann Hann
G/F North Wing, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 556-0785

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