Friday, September 28, 2012

Dakak Park & Beach Resort - Day Two

My friends and I decided to cancel the trip to Aliguay Island and just spend the day at Dakak to maximize our stay in the resort and see what this 5-star accommodation has to offer. The sun was out and shining we when arrived at Port Orient to have breakfast.

Hoping we could burn all the calorie intake, the group decided to walk and feel the fine powdery sands of Dakak touching our feet.

There are actually three pools in Dakak -- the dolphin pool with water slides, the kiddie pool with waterfalls and another adult pool with jacuzzi. The resort uses spring water in both the kiddie and adult pool with jacuzzi.

An hour massage will cost you Php300.00 only. I had mine a few hours before check out which was a perfect ending to our vacation. Two days of walking, swimming and hiking really stressed out my muscles since I don't have enough exercise anymore.

Being the appointed guide of the group, I encouraged my friends to trek the peak near the resort's check point to give us a bird's view of Dakak. After hours of convincing, we were finally counting the steps going to the highest point.

We all lost count as we were laughing at each others' crazy tactics just to climb to the top and see this view.

We didn't stay long at the peak since it was becoming crowded and we wanted to give way for the people who wanted to take photos. Walking back to the check point was of course, easier than climbing up. We asked the driver to drop us off near the beach so we can catch the sunset.

After spending a good few minutes of harutan by the beach, my friends and I went to The Pirate Bar to have some cocktails before dinner.

Good thing we arrived early so it was still Happy Hour! While they enjoyed their 50% discounted cocktails, I had fun watching the kids dance and munch on the finger food they ordered. *wink*


Dakak Park & Beach Resort
Taguilon, Dapitan City
Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
Tel.: (6365) 213-6813

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