Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Baguio Eats: Oh My Gulay

Back when airline tickets cost a fortune, Baguio City was our favorite destination during summer or Christmas breaks. Apart from the cold weather, its the fresh strawberries, ukay-ukay shopping at Burnham, sweet and salty binatog, Sagada oranges, and unusual finds at Baguio Public Market that kept me coming back year after year. With Baguio's ideal temperature to grow and offer fresh produce, its no surprise that a vegetarian restaurant called Oh My Gulay can survive and continue to strive amid popular fast food chains and known restaurants along Session Road.

Located at La Azotea's penthouse, Oh My Gulay is surely beyond the ordinary with its rustic decors and unique appeal. But the minimalist in me find the entire place too busy and cluttered.

What we ordered

Heneral Luna's Punyetang Shitake - Php150.00

I love mushrooms and any dish with mushroom in it and I'm sold! I was actually torn between this and the staff's recommendation (their bestselling Anak ng Putanesca) but I chose to trust my gut mainly because there's Shitake and there's no way you can go wrong with simple carbonara. Well, I was wrong. Aside from the very bland taste, the pasta was too soggy and there's hardly any Shitake except from the ones visible at first look. Not recommended!

Heneral Kabute - Php150.00

Another miss was Heneral Kabute, crepe-wrapped mushrooms with onions, cheddar cheese and garlic yogurt sauce. But comparing to Heneral Luna's Punyetang Shitake, the mushroom flavor was stronger in this one but way too sweet for a savory dish. Good thing it comes with garlic yogurt sauce or sprinkle some salt and pepper to help balance the taste.

Pansit Gulay ni Pepe - Php150.00

The best dish we had in Oh My Gulay, Pansit Gulay ni Pepe is reminiscent of Hongkong noodles with its signature addictive kick and flavors. Cooked with tofu and vegetables in season, I can devour the entire serving by myself! If not for CS' low spicy food tolerance, I will order this extra hot.

I get the hype that Oh My Gulay is enjoying on social media and the blogging community but with their ultra slow service, unappealing food presentation and bland dishes we tried on our last visit, I'd probably think twice before coming back again. Besides, there are a lot of restaurants and more interesting food concepts to try in Baguio City to just settle for mediocrity.


Oh My Gulay
5F La Azotea Bldg.
Upper Session Road, Baguio City
Benguet, Philippines
Tel.: (6374) 446-0108

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