Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cafe Voila, Tagaytay

Armed with positive reviews I've read on this Asian restaurant in Crosswinds Resort, I was confident to suggest Cafe Voila to cap off our wonderful weekend in Tagaytay. Finding the place was never a problem as it was conveniently located along the highway by the resort entrance.

Guests are free to sit inside the air-conditioned room or by the al fresco dining area to better enjoy the chilly weather. The outdoor tables were full when we arrived but we're lucky to be seated in the last available table by the main dining room. As Cafe Voila is a popular dining spot, better call to reserve to make sure you don't wait long. The restaurant's name suggests it to be a French cafe but the decors and the menu were more on the Oriental/Asian side.

On the table

Complimentary bread were served warm and soft; the fresh tomato dip was really good as well.

Tom Yum Kung - Php435.00

The moment I saw that there's Tom Yum on the menu, I knew what I wanted and never bothered to finish reading on. I may still be full from our afternoon snacks but there's no way I'm missing on having this classic Thai dish. Unfortunately, the soup was nowhere near the hot and sour flavor I'm used to but turned out to be quite bitter with overwhelming shrimp flavor.

Jasmine Rice - Php75.00

Trio of Spring Rolls - Php595.00 (3 pieces each)

We made the mistake of not asking the staff to elaborate more aside from the brief explanation on the menu and just assumed that they're serving fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. The other two varieties were vegetarian and heart palm (aka ubod) so at Php595.00 for 9 pieces of fried lumpia, it was definitely way overpriced! I wonder if the entire serving would cost even half of what they're charging their customers for. Never order this because its a total rip off!

As much as I would like to commend Cafe Voila for its attentive staff and relaxing ambiance, the disappointing meals we had were the biggest let down of our rather amazing week. Will probably take long before I can convince CS and myself to give it another shot.


Cafe Voila
Crosswinds Leisure Resort
Brgy. Iruhin, Tagaytay City
Cavite, Philippines
Tel.: (63905) 331-4457

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