Monday, October 4, 2010

Five years after.

Yvette, one of my college friends from PATTS, was in town over the weekend, hence another reason for a get-together. Yay!

Yvette and I
Since she's now based in Abu Dhabi, KSA, we opted to bring her to Lamesa Grill because we know how she missed having Filipino food. Right Yvette?

On the table

Baked Tahong
We ordered Baked Tahong for appetizer and I liked it. Melt in your mouth goodness. I'm craving now!

Pancit Palabok
Baby Ash liked it and we know that kids don't tell lies.

Lamesa Combo
This is a must for a group because it has meat and seafood in it.  Haven't tried much though.  Carly said the shrimp was not that tasty so I passed.

Beef Kaldereta
The beef was very tender and the sauce was good as well, not too spicy.

Pinatuyong Adobong Baboy
I think Ronette and I ate 3/4 of the servings.  We loved it! Very tasty. This is definitely a must-try.

Boneless Crispy Hito
It was excellent!  Just the right amount of crispiness without losing its freshness.

Buko Pandan
Friends said it was okay.

Mango Sago
My dessert -- Mango Sago.  Although it took forever to arrive, I still finished it.  Very generous sago servings with little chunks of ripe mango. So Refreshing!

This has been one of the longest meals I've ever had!  You can just imagine 10 girls (including Deo, of course *wink*) with five-year worth of stories and escapades.  From our college adventures to working to how some of us handle being a mother, a wife and a career woman at the same time. Good thing the wait staff were patient enough with our loudness and were very attentive with our needs.

This is us now.

From left to right: Yvette, Ruby, Carly, Zhi, Deo, Mariz, Pam, Ronette, Gina, Mhary and Baby Ash
Hope to see you guys again.  And let's not wait another five years!


Lamesa Grill
Mall of Asia
Pasay City
Tel.: (632) 901-1995/556-0737

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