Tuesday, October 12, 2010

King One Rotary Hot Pot

Feel like pigging out? Let's go to King One Rotary Hot Pot!

One unique feature of King One is the rotary conveyor belt which makes all your favorite ingredients within your reach. And yes, I mean that in the literal way.  Though I haven't been given a chance to be seated near the conveyor belt because I don't reserve and those seats are the first to get taken.

conveyor belt
It was my first time to dine here for lunch and it just took forever for our orders to arrive.  During my recent visits, all of them during dinnertime when the place is always full, it just takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the food to arrive. But for some strange reasons, the fewer the guests, the slower the service.

So what's the best way to kill time? Bring out the camera!


Back to regular programming.

You will be asked to choose two kinds of soup for the base, we chose to have the satay soup (which I absolutely love by the way) and just plain water (boring I know, but I didn't really care because I was happy with mine).

First to arrive was the free short order of Lechon Kawali.  No pictures taken because I was too hungry at this time.

Then everything followed.  These photos were taken 30 minutes after, when I'm quite full already and remembered to take photos of what we had.

Or what's left.

raw lamb slices
US fat beef (cholesterol overload!)
love the mozzarella balls!
golden mushrooms

that's my mushrooms and soybean skin swimming in satay soup
After all the ranting, I still look forward to going back to King One, not just because its buffet, the assortment of dimsum and meat choices, the attentive staff but mainly because its the closest I can get to cooking (Shhh! Its a secret OK? *wink*).  And please please reserve a seat near the conveyor belt for me.


King One Rotary Hot Pot
M2A Lower, Hobbies of Asia
Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City
Tel.: (632) 556-1370/556-1827

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