Friday, October 8, 2010


Friends say I dress like a Korean, I say their clothes are more comfortable and most of the pieces are just what I like, classic with a twist.

So when I went to Maru to have dinner with friends, I look around and saw that I have a couple of clothes that some of the Korean guests wear.  Good thing I was wearing a polo shirt that time, talk about major fashion faux pas!

One thing I love about Korean restaurants is the abundance of side dishes. 

From 8 free side dishes when I first dine here a couple of months ago, they now serve up to 11!  (Forgot to take photos when they first served it because I was too hungry..hehe)

Spicy anchovies
Pork innards
Baby potatoes
Loved these sweet potatoes

Kimchi Cake
Did I mention that they offer free refill?

By the time our main course was ready, I was quite full already.

Plus it was too spicy. See the color of the soup? It's not just for presentation purposes, it's chili!

Overall, I would recommend Maru if you want authentic Korean dishes.  Prices are reasonable, food is good, great ambiance and ample parking space.

But for me, it's just an option whenever my favorite Shabu Yaki is full.


Maru Korean Restaurant 
HK Sun Plaza
Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City
Tel.: (632) 391-3034

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