Thursday, October 28, 2010

"What happens in Boracay..

stays in Boracay."

Good thing I have photos to prove them all!

Landed at Caticlan Airport on time.  It was my first time to take AirPhil Express and I must say that they have good pilots.  By good I meant safe and easy landing of course.  The flight attendants were very attentive as well.

A car, a boat then a shuttle service ride after, I was in heaven again.

It's my second time in Boracay this year, but how can you say NO to this?

One of the best weekends ever!

I got to relax most of the time and just enjoyed Boracay the laid-back way.  Only downside was I got to eat a lot since there's not much activities to do except eat, swim, eat, sleep and eat again.

Oh wait, and take photos of the beautiful island as well!

Till next time!

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