Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Go to Baguio

If you want to go to Baguio but hates the 8+ hour land travel, I have good news!

Meet Sky Pasada.

Flying is for everyone-"plane" and simple!

We succeeded in making pilot training available and accessible to everyone. Filipino and foreign students flocked to our ground training campuses and conquered the skies with our 32 training planes! Now, WCC Aviation Company welcomes you to fly and roam the islands of the Philippines. With Sky Pasada, you can visit the towns and cities of our country for business, for pleasure, or both!

We can't facilitate travel by creating roads that cut across our forest reservations or destroying the natural habitat of precious and unique Philippine species. Our company's commitment to environmental protection is non-negotiable! But that does not mean we have run out of options. Sky Pasada serves the busy professional, curious tourist, traveling local, cargo-conscious entrepreneur and serious student fulfill their travel needs through fast, safe, and comfortable air transport. No unnecessary frills! Just the pure delight and tremendous fun of flying!

Thus, we introduce the jeepney of the sky-SkyPasada. With competent pilots backed up by the savvy of dynamic crews, you're right on target in your travel conquests. Like the jeepney, the icon of land travel in the Philippines, Sky Pasada reigns as the jeepney of the sky!

Sky Pasada is now a by-word among flyers going to Binalonan(Pangasinan), Laoag(Ilocos Norte), Basco(Batanes), Tuguegarao(Cagayan), Maconacon, Palanan, and Cauyan(Isabela), Baler (Aurora) and Baguio(Cordillera). The jeepney of the sky maps and designs the aeronautical highway of the north!

Instead of the usual dust and discomfort of long and grueling land travel, snail-paced trips with small boats or "bangkas"(sometimes in turbulent waters), we offer quick and convenient flights. No more stiff necks and backaches from long trips! What more can you ask? Sky Pasada is truly the wing band of safety, security and service!

Welcome aboard!

Sky Pasada now operates flights from Manila to Baguio and vice versa thrice a week (see schedule below).

For booking and reservations, click on the link below:


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