Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caylabne de Horror

Caylabne Resort circa 1990

Caylabne today.

Born and raised in Cavite, it's quite a shame to admit that this is my first time to visit Caylabne Bay Resort.

I wish I had a chance to visit Caylabne during its peak.  To say that the place needs major renovation is an understatement.  The rooms smell like molds, there’s not enough lights during night time, the roads need serious repair, the beach is full of trash, there's no hot water in the shower, among many others.  Oh wait!  My friends woke up with ants crawling in their bed.  It freaked them out of course!

Living room

There's only one restaurant in Caylabne -- El Patio Restaurant.  Everything is so expensive!  What made it even worse? The orders took forever to arrive. 

Beef Tapa -- Tasty and tender
Kare-Kare -- a bit sweet for my taste, huge servings though
Pinaputok na Tilapia

After lunch, it's time for some photo-ops!

We wanted to go out and have dinner at Puerto Azul hoping for a better meal.  I've been there when I was a kid and I can barely remember any memories of how it looks like.  Since we have time and there's nothing else to do, we all agreed to check it out.

I can't keep my eyes off the road but I'm afraid I might see something, its nuts I know!

An hour drive in a long and dark road after, we finally reached Puerto Azul only to learn that there's no open and decent restaurant at 7pm.  Seriously?!  We decided to just go back to Caylabne Resort wishing that the restaurant is still open.  Thank goodness we arrived an hour before closing or else our dinner would consists of Skyflakes and a couple of Krispy Kreme donuts bought a day before.

On the table

The anchovies is too salty!
Shrimp penne -- it was okay, I finished half I think
Clubhouse sandwich

We waited for the right moment to order our free fruit shake, which was supposed to be by the beach but did not happened, only to be more disappointed.  Do you still remember how you were forced to drink your cough medicine as a kid? That's how it tasted, just 10 times sweeter.

Orange fruit shake (daw)

Woke up the following day and made the most out of our stay at the resort.

Photo courtesy of DS
Photo courtesy of DS
Photo courtesy of DS
Photo courtesy of DS
Photo courtesy of DS

Good thing I was in the company of great friends who can turn the disastrous weekend into a tolerable and somewhat enjoyable one.  Maybe if we went there on a Halloween, that would be an entirely different story.


  1. Oh, sorry for that. Horrible!
    Thanks for this, erase na ang Caylabne plan namn this summer...

  2. i would not recommend it, there are a lot more nice and exciting places you can visit minus the "touristy" price


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