Monday, November 22, 2010

I was in Cloud 10!

Cloud 10 Rapid

Three hours earlier.

Kagay was kind enough to accommodate us even if we arrived almost two hours late.  We were instructed to go to their office to sign a waiver and change to a more appropriate clothing.  "Be prepared to get wet," as we were told.

Kagay office

We paid Php700 each for the Beginner's Course but upon arrival at the starting point, they saw that the water was too shallow to raft so we were transferred to the Advance Course which was a four-hour course with 24 rapids.

Briefing with Percy
All ready!

All of us were nervous at first.  It was our first time to try this kind of adventure and most of us don't even know how to swim.  Lucky us we have Kuya Gary, a member of the Rafting National Team, on our raft and assured us that we were all gonna be fine and just enjoy the ride.

Team Malakas

There's a point where we stopped to have our photos taken and rest a bit.

 Back to rafting again.

Cloud 10 is the most challenging rapid in the journey.  Our first drop was smooth and we were all relieved.  But the Kagay boys were too persistent and wanted us to try it again.

Then the unexpected happened.

It happened so fast that even our guides were surprised that we all fell off the raft.  No matter how hard I held onto the lifeline, the pressure was too strong that it somehow took us away.  All I could remember was I was under the raft and trying my very best to make it to the surface.   A couple of seconds later, I felt someone grabbing my life vest from behind trying to help me out of the water.  It was Kuya Gary!  All of us were saved after wards.  They told us that was happened was normal.  Having heard that, we then started laughing and relieving our "near-death" experience (in our opinion, of course).

I highly recommend Kagay because they have fast-thinking experienced guides and you'll never have dull moments with them.  They definitely know how to make us laugh and make the ride a very enjoyable one.

P.S.  Don't wear flip flops in case you'll get thrown out of the raft.  Kagay boys will save your slippers first before they rescue you.  Just kidding! :D

High five!
The gang with the Kagay team
Kuya Gary and Percy
Thank you Kuya Gary for saving me!

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  1. You guys really enjoyed water rafting here. I hope no one got hurt during your fall. Thanks for sharing.

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