Monday, November 8, 2010

Tokyo Cafe

People usually get intimidated by the posh interiors of Tokyo Cafe, a Japanese style family restaurant offering Western dishes fused with that distinct Japanese touch.  Contrary to what you see from the outside, this is actually a very affordable place.  I also love the fact that the wait staff are very attentive, water is served immediately even if you don't ask for it.

On the table

Teriyaki Sandwich

Tender strips of teriyaki chicken in toasted English bread with fries on the side.  It was okay, just more mustard and less mayonnaise next time.

Margherita Pizza

Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil on thin crust -- sounds unappetizing at first (I'm more the Pepperoni-type-of-girl) but I did liked it, surprising I know.

Bacon Tomato Cream Pasta

Thin spaghetti sauteed in a medley of tomato chunks and mushrooms tossed in a creamy cheese tomato sauce topped with crisp bacon bits.  This is more me *wink*.  The pasta is cooked al dente with chunks (not bits) of bacon with fresh tomatoes.

With prices ranging from Php150 for the sandwiches and Php250 for the pizza and pasta Tokyo Cafe is definitely worth the visit.


Tokyo Cafe
G/F South Wing
Mall of Asia
Pasay City
Tel.: (632) 556-0517

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