Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cowan Asian Restaurant

With my Kuala Lumpur boarding pass already in my hands, the excitement dwindled down a bit so the hunger for food kicked in.  It was 0730H and I was craving for a hot meal.  DB and I went to the second floor of the NAIA Terminal 3 to check out new restaurants and grab breakfast before heading to the boarding gate.  I initially wanted to eat Jollibee's Chicken Joy but backed out last minute.  And so we found ourselves in Cowan's counter ordering our breakfast.

California Maki

Beef Teppanyaki for me

Chicken Rice Bowl for DB

It was bland like most airline meals I had but just enough to fill in our hungry stomach.  The taste was totally forgettable. Anyway, we did not come here for the food right?

Adventure will commence on the next posts. Stay tuned.


Cowan Asian Restaurant
2L NAIA Terminal 3
Pasay City, Metro Manila

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