Friday, March 16, 2012

Hotpot on a Hot Night at King One

This was all my idea.

It was a cold and rainy morning. While taking a bath, I was thinking that today will be the perfect time to satisfy my hotpot cravings. King One popped into mind at once, I even wore a 3/4 blouse to work just to get in the mood of that rainy day. But when I went out for lunch, man! The sun was scorching hot! But neither hot weather nor humidity can stop me on having hotpot for dinner.

DB filled up the order slip on the table as soon as we were seated, he doesn't have to ask me what I wanted because I always have the same things all the time. We were both hungry and good thing the Spicy Squid arrived fast.

But I did not go there for the crunchy and spicy squid. I was there for the hot soup and the fat beef and the golden mushrooms and the mozzarella balls and the satay sauce.

Satay and Water

Abalone Mushroom

Taiwan Pechay

Beef with Mushroom


Fresh Mushroom

Sliced Beef

Slice Chicken


US Fat Beef

We also ordered plates of Mozzarella Balls and Beef Balls with Cheese which never fail to burn my tongue on every visit. Why? I tend to forget how hot the melted cheese is and just bite right away!

Fresh fruits are offered as soon as you ask for the bill.

Note to myself: Always carry an extra shirt or a bottle of perfume in the bag in case you need to go somewhere else after, or people will know that you had hotpot for dinner. *wink*


King One Rotary Hot Pot
M2A Lower, Hobbies of Asia
Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 556-1370/556-1827

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