Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plantation Bay -- Lagoonview Room

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa has 11 types of rooms, villas and suites conveniently located all over the 11.4 hectares of land and water. Yes, do they have rooms (the most expensive in the resort) built on top of the flowing water called Riverboat Suite which costs an arm and a leg, USD430 per room per night excluding taxes on off-peak season.

Since we both need our two arms and two legs, we decided to book a lagoon view room for USD180 plus taxes. Still pricey but we agreed to splurge a bit after a few hard month's work. *wink*

If only we had a better and unobstructed view of the lagoon..

Nonetheless, we still thought we got a great deal booking this room. For a 16-year old resort, our room in Plantation Bay is still well-kept and neatly organized.

We agreed not to wait for the double room to be fixed so we had a twin room with 2 queen-sized beds.

Coffee and tea making facilities readily available at your service.

A mini business center on one corner with booklets of suggested activities you can do in the resort and room service menu. There's also a compilation of classic movies (ranging from action to drama to suspense and thriller) that you can request the butler to play on your LCD television if you're into that, or in my case, if you get tired of watching the reruns of American Idol.

A vast bathroom complete with a bathtub, shower area and enough space for another bed (that's how big the bathroom is).

We thought this was marble but upon a closer look and some knocking, it was just plastic!

I love how low-maintenance the restroom is by using the marble-type plastic instead of tiles.

Our balcony with the blocked view has lounge chairs and dining area.

I wanted to have breakfast or lunch here but the hot weather is unbearable. I can barely feel the air coming from the ceiling fan.

Now, enough of the room talk and let's go out and get a tan!

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