Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy Days

I apologize for the lack of post these past few days and no, I wasn't out of town. To sum it up, I've been busy with work, went back to school to finally pursue a life-long dream of mine (I hope I can still find time to travel though), came across a road bump with my personal life

and met THE Christian Grey.

Photo credit: Google

If you've read or have been reading the Fifty Shades trilogy, you'll understand that once you flip a page, there's no putting it down until you've finished reading the first book then the next one and then the last part. Just a reminder though, it's not meant for kids okay? You'll have to be 18 or even older and mature to even think of getting copy.

I heard that there are already plans to make this into a movie. Based on the poll made by the website Buzz Sugar, I am picking my bets on who could be playing as Christian in the sexy trilogy in this particular order.

Ian Somerhalder. With that sideways smile, gorgeous body and smoldering look, he would be perfect to play Christian's role which I believe he openly campaigns for. And yes, I am biased because Damon is the best thing that ever happened to the television.

Matt Bomer. There's something about this guy that reminded me of CG the first time I saw him. Seeing more and more photos of him, I now understand why. Those deep-set eyes, chiseled face and mysterious look is so very Mr. Grey!

Wentworth Miller. I have always loved Michael Scofield ever since Prison Break to the point of obsession so seeing him portray my current addiction is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Alexander Skarsgard. His intensity and ambiguity shown in the True Blood series can help him land the role at the Fifty Shades trilogy.

Chris Hemsworth. Dark Thor sounds interesting, don't you think?

All photos are grabbed from Google.

Okay, moving on now..

I would like to share a new favorite pasalubong of mine from Hongkong aside from Maxim's Roast Duck -- Dried Squid!

Not like the one's that you can buy here, this is a tastier, sweeter and not so dry version of everyone's favorite snack, at least in our house that is. But if you do got the chance to take a bite of this, I'm sure it will be yours too!

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