Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hongkong Master Chef at Dampa Macapagal

One of the favorite dining spots of my friends and colleagues is Dampa along Macapagal Avenue. Birthdays, anniversaries and all other occasions are usually spent in any one of the restaurants here. Even on days when we're craving for seafood, Dampa is always the unanimous choice.

Hongkong Master Chef's current location at the back side of Dampa is never a hindrance for its patrons and even new customers from finding out this gem. As a matter of fact, the restaurant was already half full when we arrived early that evening. A great number of tables were reserved for Chinese tourists according to one of the waiters.

We did our marketing this time since we were still undecided on what to eat up to the last minute. After making a few rounds, we finally met a vendor who sells the freshest seafood at fair prices -- quite far from the harassing vendors inside the wet market.

Upon arriving in Hongkong Master Chef, we proceeded to the counter and had our seafood weighed. Cooking charge ranges from Php100 - Php200 per kilo, depending on how you want it to be cooked.

On our table

Steamed Suahe

It was fresh and sweet that we ate all one kilo in under an hour! Yes, the Shrimp-eating tandem strikes again. You can read about our first encounter with a kilo of Shrimps in Palawan here.

Steamed Lapu-lapu

I preferred the Suahe and Crabs so DB had to eat most of it. Half of which I had to bring home because we were so full already and fresh fish as delicious as this should never go to waste!

Crab with Sotanghon

I've been craving for this for a long time! I yearn for the day when I can hire someone to crack this open so I can eat the crab meat with no interruption.. Oh wait! That actually happened! He did it for free though. *wink*

All of our orders were superb! DB and I barely talked as soon as as the Suahe were placed on the table then came the Steamed Lapu-lapu and the Crab with Sotanghon. It was a fairly quiet night, at least on our side, with just the sound of cracking and peeling off shells.

I love that they have enough staff to cover all the tables, replace our plates with clean ones and attend to their customers needs at all times. No wonder this restaurant is always full!


Hongkong Master Chef
Hobbies of Asia Complex, Macapagal Avenue
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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