Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm

An awful thing happened when I first had an Ilog Maria soap back in 2008 that's why whenever I see one, all I can remember are the bad memories. Don't get me wrong here, I know for a fact that their products are the best in the market as proven by so many reviews and testimonials. It's just that I have associated it with bad thoughts which I vowed to change starting today.

Years have passed and with stronger faith and infinite power of hope, I finally got the courage to go with my friend to their one and only store located in Silang, Cavite.

The Magsaysay Family started to become beekeepers back in the 80's with just a few bee colonies. Together with the entire family, they are now keeping about 800 bee colonies to produce numerous natural bee products which they sell in the Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm just off Aguinaldo Highway in Silang. If you're coming from Tagaytay City, the road leading to the farm will be to your right.

Beeswax Candles (prices vary depending on the size)

Honey Mint Oatmeal Soap - Php35.00

Honey Mint Beeswax Lip Balm - Php70.00

Ilog Maria Healing Massage Oil - Php170.00

Honey Cider Vinegar - Php165.00

Lavender Soap - Php65.00

Propolis Pet Soap - Php60.00

Fresh Bee Pollen - Php110 (small)/Php580.00 (large)

Ilog Maria products are perfect gifts for family and friends who love organic stuff and its healing benefits. My top picks include the Feminine Wash (Php50.00) and the Lavender and Honey Soap (Php35.00).

Update: There's no need to go all the way to Silang to buy Ilog Maria products because you can now order online thru their website!


Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm
4118 Aguinaldo Highway
Silang, Cavite, Philippines
Website: http://ilogmaria.com/

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