Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bridal Shower Dinner at Watami

My friend D + L tied the knot in the beautiful Caleruega Chapel in Nasugbu, Batangas last May 18. But before I share to you how fun the wedding was, let me tell you a little secret my girl friends and I did a week before L's big day.

Together with three more friends, we all met up at the Mall of Asia for dinner. Since we really had no plans for that early evening, I suggested for us to dine at Watami Japanese Restaurant. We were famished but still mindful that the wedding is in a few days time so we should be watching what we eat or it would be impossible to fit into the gowns we are supposed to wear.

On the table

Watami Salad - Php350.00 (Full)

My second favorite Salad in Watami (Ramen Salad still tops my list) is named as such -- Watami Salad. It actually felt like I was eating my main course because the Chicken strips and Shrimp were overflowing! The vegetables were really fresh as well.

Crispy Chicken Wings - Php195.00

I was being health-conscious (for that particular week at least) so I passed on this Crispy Chicken Wings. My friends said it was good which was evident on the bones I saw on their plates a good few minutes after.

Pizza Topped with Teriyaki Chicken - Php275.00

Whenever we dine at Watami, the staff always recommends for us to try their Pizza but we were always glued to their Sushi and Sashimi. This time around, the girls decided to order the one with the Teriyaki Chicken and it was really delicious!

Beef Sukiyaki - Php365.00

Another must-try in Watami is their Beef Sukiyaki. I love that it had lots of Golden Mushrooms and the broth was not overly sweetened.

Cold Soba - Php195.00

While the girls had the Beef Pepper Rice, I settled with the Cold Soba thinking I'd be eating less carbs compared to them. But lo and behold! Me, myself and I finished the entire serving while they shared one stone-pot full for the four of them!

The calm before the storm.

After dinner, the girls and I drove to the place where the big girls and gays frequent. But I would spare you the details since this blog is intended for readers of all ages.

What happens that night, stays that night! *wink*


2L Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 836-7141

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