Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cebu Favorites: The Upscale Orange Carenderia

I don't consider myself picky when it comes to food. I eat squid balls from the vendor outside our office, buy taho from the Manong at the bus stop and I love the binatog from the guy on a bike who pass by our house. As long as I see that the food is prepared alright, I have no problem eating street food. So when our friend from Cebu told us that he's meeting us in Orange Carenderia, I did not expect to be brought to a popular and renowned restaurant in the Cebu City with an air-conditioned dining area, an industrial-chic design and an open kitchen. 

On the table

We left the ordering to our friend since he's obviously a suki at Orange Carenderia having known the menu by heart and calling the staff by their first names.

Avocado Shake - Php60.00

Pinakbet - Php135.00

Betsy's Garlic Chicken - Php135.00

Sizzling Squid Sisig - Php120.00

Crispy Tuna Buntot

Grilled Tuna Panga

No wonder Cebuanos love Orange Carenderia because everything's cheap and delicious! The servings were enough for sharing but you can definitely order more and its still easy on the pocket. My favorites were Betsy's Garlic Chicken with its garlicky skin that crackles on every bite and the grilled tuna panga with its delicious marinade for a unique and tasty gastronomic experience.

It really pays to have friends who know the best and affordable places that most locals try to keep for themselves. Orange Carenderia is an absolute must-try dining spot when in Cebu!


Orange Carenderia
Laguardia St., Salinas Drive
Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
Tel.: (6332) 266-9129

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