Thursday, May 3, 2012

Burot Beach: Hidden and Untouched Paradise

Just about 10 minutes from Calatagan town proper lies a paradise so hidden even my Aunt who hails from Batangas doesn't know about. We left the house around 5am then traveled thru Tagaytay-Nasugbu road then passed Lian to arrive in the quiet town of Calatagan, took us 3 hours with no stopover. 

It was easy to find Burot Beach, formerly called Elizalde Beach, since everyone we asked knows the place. To be honest, I've never heard there such paradise exist until recently.  Too bad this will be closed to public by June to give way for SMDC's future plans of maybe a luxury resort? So before the entrance fees go skyrocket high, we made immediate plans of going to one, if not the best beachfront in the province of Batangas.

Entrance fee is Php60 for adults while the kids are free of charge. Cottages can be rented for Php300 for the entire day of use. There are also tables available for a cheaper cost

or you can opt to stay in the one and only balsa available for rent for Php500. By the way, there's no electricity or accommodation here so if you want to stay the night, you have to bring your own tent and other essentials.

After having breakfast, we made our way to the leftmost side of the beach where the sand is finer and there's less people swimming.

There are jellyfish in the water, some as big as a plate, but luckily no one got stung.

Or are they friendly to the tourists?

This place is so gorgeous! Truly a paradise in every sense of the word.

I love being a kid and won't care even if I get sunburnt.

After a couple of hours spent in the beach, we went back to the cottage to rest and have lunch. Well, besides the fact that the sun was scorching hot and it was too painful to the skin. The highest SPF sunblock I know is SPF1000 but with this summer heat, I'm not sure if even that would work. If only there are more trees to give shade and protection.

An hour in the cottage has passed and I say, what the heck! No one in their right mind can resist the crystal blue water of Burot, myself included. So after applying more sunblock, we went back to the beach and swam under the summer skies.

Starfishes finally made their appearance.

This time, we went and explored the rightmost part of the beach but there are seaweeds in the water so we just walked in the sand to see what's on the other side.

Burot Beach is truly a paradise for beach and sun worshippers. Just don't expect a decent restroom because you'll be disappointed by how small (toilet and bath in a telephone-booth-sized-room-with-holes) and dirty it is. And taking a bath with really hot water coming from the faucet on a summer day is not fun at all.

But then again, paying Php60 to experience paradise is something you cannot pass for anything else. Definitely not because of the small and dirty bathroom.


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  2. Thanks for sharing! love your photos, I've shared this on my Facebook page by the way, we've been looking for a new beach since April, one that easily accessible.

  3. Hi Joy! Thank you for sharing this on your page. You should go soon before they close it down to the public. Enjoy and have fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing... sadly it will be closed in June for privatization.

  5. Hi. Would you know if it's still open say until 2nd weekend of July? I want to go there for the 3rd and last time before it closes for privatization..

  6. Hi Juvy! From what I know, until end of this May nalang open ang beach for public use. You're lucky twice ka na pala nakapunta :)

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