Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Uncle Cheffy

is neither an uncle nor a friend. 

Uncle Cheffy is actually the latest addition to a loop of restaurants found at the newly built Two E-Com Center near the Mall of Asia.

There are four restaurants now opened at the 4F of the Prism Plaza (the gap at the building at my back) namely House of Wagyu, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a Thai place and Uncle Cheffy. I was leaning towards the Thai restaurant but when I heard that Uncle Cheffy has steaks and ribs at 20% off,

I grabbed DB's arm and made our way inside the tastefully designed restaurant. Everything was going smoothly as always, I was having a great time taking photos of the place and then a couple more shots and there was darkness. The camera's battery is drained!

I apologize for the blurry pictures you will see from this time forward since we also forgot to bring the extra battery for the camera and just used the iPhone to take photos.

Bottomless Iced Tea

The waitress had to check on us thrice before we finally made up our minds on what to order. DB was torn between steak and lamb, but lamb is his first love so he chose the latter.

I, on the other hand was all eyes on the ribs from the start. That's one kilo of beef ribs by the way.

There's barbeque sauce, mint and tomatoes for dipping.

Lamb breast was more like lamb ribs. There's a taste to it which I didn't like (I've had better ones in the past) so one bite and I passed. It's really a love-hate relationship between lamb and myself.

Lamb Breast Provencale Way

U.S. Beef Ribs was delicious only if it wasn't too hard to chew. Surprisingly though that I was able to finish the salad before the ribs.

Memphis Barbeque U.S. Beef Rib Finger

But I'm not giving up. There's still a lot more to try at Uncle Cheffy, a lot more dishes to change a not-so-good experience of ours. Hope they will extend the promo longer.


Uncle Cheffy
4F Tower A, Two E-Com Center
Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 478-0584

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