Saturday, May 12, 2012

Potipot Island, Zambales

With the fuel surcharge and airline taxes getting higher and higher, flying out of town for vacation is something we plan months ahead, enough time to wait for better deals with airline promo fares. Last minute trip is not an option, unless we're driving.

I've known of this tiny island off the coast of Uacon, Candelaria in the town of Zambales for a long time but never really had the chance to see its beauty firsthand. One day over lunch, my friend A and I were having a discussion on the best beaches we've ever been to in the Philippines. My top three include El Nido, Caramoan and Boracay. Then I heard she said Potipot!

And so a day after my quick R&R at Thunderbird Resort at Poro Point, I was back on the road for a two-day trip to Zambales with friends and colleagues. We arrived at Dawal Beach Resort tired and hungry as a zombie around 9pm, that's a 6-hour trip via NLEX and SCTEX from Manila. It's THAT far.

We woke up early the following day and looked for the boat we hired that will take us to the island. Round trip boat ride is Php400 for a maximum of 6 passengers which can be arranged at the resort. Since there's no store in the island, make sure that you have everything you need like food, water and ice (a hot commodity on a summer day) before leaving.

Dawal is the closest beach resort with just 5 minutes boat ride away to Potipot Island.

Since the island is a private property, there's an entrance fee of Php100 for day trippers while overnight fee is Php300 per person.

The tree house is the caretaker's home in the island. I hope they build some more for tourists as well as I would love to experience sleeping in one.

If you are staying the night and don't have a tent, you can rent this kubo for Php300.

There are also tables that you can use free of charge.

A friend of mine went here last Holy Week and according to her, the place was full of vacationers with tents installed all over the island. I'm glad it was quiet and peaceful this time.

With its crystal clear blue waters and white powdery sand, Potipot Island should be included in CNN's Top 10 Best Beaches and Islands in the Philippines

Need proof? I'll let you be the judge.

So, do you concur?


  1. wow. clear waters. got to include this in my list.

  2. question, as in? 400 lang ang boating? back and forth n un? :)) do you happen to know kung magknu ung cottage more than 10pax? thanks.. i love your blog by the way :))

  3. Hi! Thank you for your kind words :) Yes, Php400 for the round trip boat ride na but that's good for 6 lang. As for the room, you can book the green house at Dawal which can accommodate up to 10 at Php6,900 per night. Hope this helps!

  4. gRabe ang mahal na pala? 1stime ko pumunta jan 100 lang overnight. sis malinis pa din ba yung water? atsaka di pa din ba siya masakit sa mata pag dumilat ka under water?

  5. Hi Thiskidiknow! Sobrang linis pa din sis ng water and every morning may nagwawalis sa island to keep it clean. I heard they close it for public use once a year para linisin ung beach thoroughly. Hindi ko natanggal ung contact lens ko kaya hindi ko na-try dumilat underwater pero ung mga kids hindi naman nagreklamo so I guess hindi siya masakit :)

  6. Hi. Great blog! May I ask, if we are going to stay overnight, how much do we have to pay?

  7. Is there a public ferry going to Dawal? There will only be two of us going so i thought 400 is a little expensive for us.

  8. Hi, do you think prices (boat and kubo) change during peak season?


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