Sunday, May 20, 2012

Man vs Food at Larry & Mau Diner

It has almost become a habit to watch Man vs. Food on TLC just before lunch time. For some of my colleagues, it was a torture watching Adam (the host) eat and finish all the food presented to him. Some cheer him to go and beat the records set by the restaurants he visits. But as for me, I've always wondered what happens after. Does he really swallow and eat all the food or throw up when the cameras stop rolling?

With no cameraman in tow, DB and I did our own version of Man vs. Food at Larry & Mau Diner.

No meal of ours is complete without a plate of salad to share. (As requested by most of you, I will try to be more responsible in incorporating the prices of the meals from now on).

Mixed Green Salad with Special Dressing - Php60.00

DB ordered Beef Paillard with fries instead of rice and carrots and corn on the side.

Beef Paillard - Php140.00

Paillard or flattened meat is tender, juicy and oh so tasty. At Php140, its really a steal! A healthier alternative to your usual fast food meals.

I was expecting fries but it turned out better since I like fresh potato wedges more.

The regular burger was not available, so upon recommendation of the staff in the counter, we ordered the Super Burger to share. It took a while before it was delivered to our table and boy, it was HUGE! I was expecting it to be like McDo's Big Mac in size but this one's for the record (see the fork against the size of the burger).

Super Burger - Php395.00

I remember last year when we spent one night looking for the biggest burger in town only to find out it was available at Holiday Inn in Ortigas when we all thought it was in Diamond Hotel.

Beef patty alone weighs one pound already!

This is when the Man vs. Food happened. Since the burger was the last one to come out, we were quite full already. I was still trying to eat the burger with the bread until I saw DB eating the patty alone. Ang daya!

After a few more bites, I gave in and joined DB in removing the bread and eating just the patty, hence the tower of breads on our table.

Food wins!


Larry & Mau Diner
Ground Level, Two E-Com Center
Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 801-2803


  1. 'So mouthwatering. I love food blogs coz I love food.:)

  2. how's the super burger? is it any good? :)


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