Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Dinner at David's Tea House

My classmates and I skipped the GSB Christmas Party and decided to have our own shindig. Initial plan was to go to Tagaytay but the professor dismissed the class late so we all agreed to celebrate somewhere closer instead.

We were the first few customers to dine that night hence the fast delivery of our orders.

On the table

Taosi Chicken Feet - Php75.00

My constant order in any Chinese restaurant. I loooooove Chicken Feet! I like it soft to the point that the meat literally falls off the bone.

Yang Chow Fried Rice - Php180.00

No dinner is complete without a plate of rice, or in our case, Yang Chow Fried Rice!

Polonchay with Garlic - Php198.00

I'm really liking having either Polonchay or Taiwan Pechay -- two of my favorite greens on the table. One of my Year Round Resolutions is to eat as much vegetables as I can. I know someone so proud of me right now. *big grin*

Salt and Pepper Squid - Php260.00

This was very crispy and tasty! I like dipping mine in vinegar with lots of chili.

Shrimp with Green Peas & Cashew Nuts - Php340.00

My classmate J's favorite! How can you go wrong with Shrimp + Cashew Nuts anyway? *wink*

David's Braised Pata Tim - Php330.00

We were supposed to order Crispy Pata but it was not available so we settled for the sinful Pata Tim instead. Apparently, they use a different cut for the Crispy Pata so they can't just fry this humungous pork knuckles no matter how hard we begged them to. David's version has a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors and it's very fork friendly too!

Guilt-less pigging out and what seemed like never-ending party invitations -- I love Christmas!


David's Tea House
Km. 30 Brgy. Zone 1-A, Gen. E. Aguinaldo Hi-way
DasmariƱas, Cavite, Philippines
Tel.: (6346) 416-5555

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