Thursday, January 10, 2013

Potato Chip Mochi at Mochiko

One of the best inventions ever made in the history of desserts is called Mochi Ice Cream. It's basically a round ball of sticky rice cake with ice cream on the inside. In the Philippines, Mochiko is now becoming a household name which is almost synonymous to this great dessert.

To date, Mochiko offers 16 flavors to cater Mochi lovers of all age/gender/generation types. There's Milk Tea, Cookie Dough, Caramel, Black Sesame and Green Tea to name a few. Before taking a bite, they suggest that you wait for a few minutes for the ice cream to soften a bit because these babies are hard as a rock off the freezer!

I recently came across a unique Mochi flavor -- Potato Chip Mochi! That's chocolate-covered potato chip with premium chocolate ice cream which is so addicting!

Genius idea!

Thank you to my date for always pushing me to try something new. If it wasn't for his persistence, I would have settled to my ever reliable Black Sesame order, which is not bad either.

Who says you can't have ice cream on a cold night?

Just don't forget to wear a sweater! *wink*   


3 Cliffhouse, Maharlika East
Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines

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