Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Som's Noodle House

The secret is out!

For quite sometime, Som's Noodle House had been a well-kept secret of foodies in the Metro.  Cheap authentic Thai food at reasonable prices is what people come here for.

I remember my first time to eat here years ago.  It was at night, it took us a couple of minutes wandering around Rockwell area (with map on my hand) before finding the gem in the residential area of Poblacion, Makati.  I was surprised to see people in their dresses, stilettos, long sleeves and ties dining alfresco, on monobloc chairs and tables along the street, even if they have an air-conditioned room (limited seats only) beside the counter area, but where's the fun in that right?  

Where the elite Makati crowd used to eat in monobloc
chairs and tables along the street

When I learned that they will be constructing a restaurant in the same area during one of my visits, it was basically mixed emotions.  I was happy since there's no worry of getting dengue from all the mosquitoes biting our legs and the rainy season (I experienced eating here with rain drops keep falling on my head :D) will no longer be a problem, but the thought of no more candlelit dinners and the possibility of price increase saddened me a bit.

Nevertheless,  it did not stop me from going here whenever I have Thai food cravings.

Som's now.

New Som's
The wait staff will get your order and you will be
given a number in return.  The Som's I knew
was the carinderia style.
Thai milk tea.  Sweet and creamy.
Watching Showtime while waiting for our order

On the table

Pad Thai
Beef green curry

I always end up ordering the same thing: Shrimp Pad Thai and Beef Curry (red, yellow or green).  The Chicken Pandan and Thai Spring Rolls are optional depending on how hungry we are upon ordering.  

I have always loved Som's version of Pad Thai but my last visit was quite a disappointment.  The dish was too sweet and too oily and I could barely see the bean sprouts and shrimps.  Is this the price we have to pay for an air-conditioned place?  Then I would rather eat on the streets the Pad Thai that I remember -- just the right amount and sweetness with all the ingredients generously added.  The Beef Green Curry on the other hand is still yummy as ever!  The curry flavor is not overwhelming and the beef is tender.  This dish redeem my disappointment with Som's.

I just hope my next visit would be a better experience because I have so much happy moments here that a disappointing Pad Thai would ruin all of that and it's still the best and most affordable Thai place in Manila.


Som's Noodle House
5921 Alger St. Poblacion
Makati City, Metro Manila


  1. i used to be a fan, pero i think i'll get disappointed too. ibang level ung pad thai sa streets ng BKK! for me, the yummiest pad thai in Pinas is at Dusit Thani's Benjarong =)

  2. i've never been to BKK but im planning to go there soon and have a taste of the authentic pad thai along the streets :)


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