Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bacolod Chicken Parilla

After four failed attempts, I finally had the chance to try out Bacolod Chicken Parilla.  We've been meaning to go here but it was either closed because we arrived late or closed due to holiday.  But last Saturday was a success.  Hooray!

Masskara Festival and Inasal are the things that comes to my mind
whenever I think of  Bacolod.

I've heard great things about this place from DB so imagine my excitement when the waiter handed me the menu.

Menu was simple but full of good stuff.

Festive interiors with colorful tables and chairs and masks adorning the walls.

On the table

Inasal na Pak-pak (wings), Baticolon (gizzard) and Paa (breast and thigh) were grilled perfectly. 
I guess they have mastered the art of grilling, no more charred or undercooked grilled chicken!

Spareribs was DB's constant order and now I know why.  The meat literally
fell of the bone! Its so soft and tasty.

Kilawin Tangigue.  I love that its not that sour (as compared to other Kilawin I
have tried) and the fish was fresh it hardly tasted raw.

I dread waiting and I don't believe in second chances, but after trying out Bacolod Chicken Parilla, I might just have a change of heart.


Bacolod Chicken Parilla
Corner of Scouts Gandia and Reyes
Quezon City, Philippines

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