Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer Escapades with Agate and Friends

I met and became friends with them back in 4th Year High School when I transferred to their section, which was Section Agate, hence the name of the group. We've been friends for twelve years already, while others even longer.  So even if some of us lives or works abroad now, we still manage to keep in touch and plan our getaways, thank goodness for Friendster (which is so 2008) and Facebook.  Summer is the time of the year when most of them go back to the Philippines for vacation.  That's another reason to go out of town for us who were left here. *wink*

Snorkeled in Anilao Batangas in 2009
Braved the cold waters of Majayjay Falls, Laguna in 2009 also.

Camped out in Nagsasa and swam in Anawangin, Zambales in 2010.

Jumped for joy in Caramoan, Camarines Sur in 2010 also.

This year, since most of them were not able to come home, we decided to hold our annual summer outing close to home.

Agate and Friends

The Yummy Boys

Scorching hot!

Lunch was Adobo, Kaldereta, Halabos na Hipon and Rice with Mangga
and Bagoong prepared by Dan's mom.

The group is growing!  We are expecting two more babies this year
courtesy of Andeng and Debbie.

More about the beautiful Clubhouse of Antel Grand Village on the next post.  Stay tuned.

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