Monday, April 18, 2011

Ye Dang

I love anything Korean.

From fashion to food to soap operas to music.  I've been meaning to go to Seoul for the longest time but schedule and budget constrain me.  Oh well, I still have a couple of months to save for winter in South Korea. *wink*

So when I heard about Ye Dang, owned and managed by Korean expats, which serves authentic Korean cuisine, I told him, we HAVE to try it out.  We braved the traffic one payday Friday (the worst in EDSA) to have dinner at Ye Dang.  I knew we were in the right place because the moment I entered the door, I saw half the table were occupied by Koreans.

One thing I love most about Korean restaurants is the abundance of appetizers which is all free and refillable.

Parade of appetizers.  Tofu, sweet anchovies, fish cake, sweet baby potatoes, radish and kimchi.

Sweet baby potatoes.  I had to ask for another round because it was so yummy!

They use charcoal for grilling which sounds authentic Korean food to me.

Each table has one.

It is also equipped with an exhaust fan so you wont smell grilled the moment you leave the place.

I got to watch the waitress do it because they do all the grilling.

Sweet Beef Ribs

Lettuce and Mint leaves

Garlic over Sweet Beef Ribs over Rice enveloped in Mint leaves.

Seafood Pa Jun

Seasoned Raw Beef with Egg and Turnip

I was contemplating on eating this because raw beef sounded well, unappetizing to me.

After some convincing..

I finally gave in. He had to take a photo so my friends would believe he made me ate raw beef! 
Verdict:  I liked it!  The beef was so flavorful.  It didn't taste uncooked after all.

Grill Chicken

The wait staff, even the owner, are all ready to help and assist you.

Ye Dang was featured in a lot of Food magazines and it was well recommended.

I was so full I had to sit down for a while. LOL!


Ye Dang Korean Restaurant
Meralco Avenue, Ortigas
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 636-1461

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  1. Interesting place. Will keep this in mind. Magkano ang budget per person?


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